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Apr 28, 2008
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Anyone old enough to assist is too old to be able to read that.
Fair point - it looked better when I originally snipped it.

Col Hutchinson is looking for any information on NMFC players:

Arthur Batchelor
Claude Curtin
Dudley Cassidy
Allan Crawford
John Dowling
Dion Kemp
George Kennedy


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Apr 22, 2018
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Great work getting that for us GF. Darryl was one of those blokes that successful teams cannot do without. He originally came over from Tassie in the early 70s with big wraps as a full forward. Legend has it that one of our recruiters went to Tassie to check out full forwards. The one he was sent to check turned out too fat and slow, so he passed. He decided that Darryl Sutton was the man. Darryl came over but went home after one year but then returned and played in the 77 Premiership. A very versatile player. So sad that that horrible disease took him so early. We did have much success with players who went away and were enticed back a few years later and made a huge difference...Gary Farrant, Peter Chisnall, Phil 'Snake' Baker, Darryl Sutton...and Barry Cable. By the way, the fat, slow bloke from Tassie that we overlooked did come over for a few games with another club, but didn't amount to much apparently. Peter Hudson was his name I think. True story. The recruiter tells the story against himself.

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