Opposition Camp The Non-North Footy Discussion & Matchday Chat Thread: Edition V

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Apr 11, 2007
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North Melbourne
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so true, our workplace has just gone through a relatively unsuccessful period of having a couple of very expensive consultants come in and restructure the business over the last 4 years. This proved to be very disruptive and none of the systems they implemented worked, in fact the place has gone backwards about 6 years. Due to the unmitigated disaster of the changes the management that implemented the change have since moved on and new managers appointed the their old roles. they are now looking at implementing changes based on what the staff have suggested to improve productivity. Unbeknown to them most of the suggestions are pretty much how the place ran 10 years ago.....
The AFL operates under the same model

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Nov 3, 2007
Postmans' Reef
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swfc, carrum cowboys
Why not have someone from every club kicking in the longest kick fluffy comp? At least give everyone the chance of a fleeting interest. As suggested somewhere, they are better off having the TAC Cup match, the VFL GF and then the AFL GF, Imo.


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Sep 3, 2012
Gumbuya Park
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Milwaukee Brewers
All this carry on about Marlion Pickett being the first player to debut in a grand final since the 50s, I refuse to believe.

Didn't we have someone debut in the 90s?

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