Oppo Camp The Non-North Footy Discussion & Matchday Chat Thread (NNFD&MCT) VI

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Premiership Player
Aug 17, 2009
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Lights camera Razor Ray.
There’s three umpires the only one I have heard is Razor
I could have sworn I heard he was retiring at the end of last year. I must have dreamt it, was a massive disappointment to turn on the last quarter of the Crows game in round 1 and hear that ******* voice.


Premium Platinum
Jun 12, 2000
Gasometer wing
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Throwing is officially part of our game now. You may as well change the rules, because players throw it more than handball and the umpires rarely pay a throw.
Couldn’t agree more. Umps have presumably been told to ignore it and commentators and journos don’t seem interested. In our game a Bulldogs player looked to be practicing to be a boundary ump over the head yet we got penalised htb twice!

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