Oppo Camp The Non-North Footy Discussion & Matchday Chat Thread (NNFD&MCT) VI

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El Triggso

Foremost authority and leading expert
Sep 26, 2013
Club cafe
AFL Club
North Melbourne
We're at rock bottom right now. A couple of teams in that list are trending upwards, and one or two treading water, but boy oh boy wowee are there a few teams that will eventually have to bite the bullet and go hard at rebuilding sooner rather than later and they might very well find themselves in a worse position than us if worst comes to worst.

I think we've shown an exemplary example of if your list demographics get out of hand and you time your rebuild too late then the pain you can self inflict can be exquisite. St Kilda in particular would have to be ******* shitting themselves if they can't find a way to turn their ship around. Those huge contracts for mature aged players will be like a noose on any rebuild, and the concrete boots they got with those players when they traded out all those draft picks will just make it even worse.
5 teams are going to struggle to rebuild via the draft simultaneously, that’s for sure. It’ll be a coaching feat to come last.

If we can hog all the talent momentarily, we’ll be in a good spot mid-term.

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