The Official Bigfooty NBA 2022-3 Week 7 Thread.

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Definite emphasis on calling more travels this year, but the carries only seem to be called when they feel like it.

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Suns Bulls today

I like this Dyson Daniels guy.

Think Portland will fall away/tail off like Utah have now tbh

Heart and effort will only get you so far in a gruelling 82 game season

I think they are probably better off trying to tank and try Nurkic and a few other bad contracts off their books (although tanking doesn't seem to be in the Blazers DNA)

Eh, I think they'll be fine, although whether 'fine' is good enough is debatable.

Grant trade is working out swell for them, Hart's a gamer, Lillard and Payton still to come back. Was slightly leery of their depth before the season, but they seem to be coping. I really can't see them being a 30 win team barring a catastrophic run with injuries, let alone the low 20s win level team needed for the tankathon.

Don't think Nurk's contract is that bad either, especially with the looming cap bump. Every team still needs a traditional big, can't see playing Grant as an extremely small ball 5 working out too well in the long term.

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Wish I put money on Tatum @15 when I told my mates he was my tip for MVP.
Granted yes curry and doncic are playing better stats wise. But the wins is what will give Tatum the edge over them if we continue like this.

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