Certified Legendary Thread The Official Bigfooty NBA 2022-3 Week 9 Thread: Pelicans top of the West

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May 9, 2013
AFL Club
West Coast
GG Dubs.

Not losing any sleep losing our 5th game on a fairly bruising road trip so far without Horford.

Good to see Klay (begrudgingly) back to his best, that flog Bill Simmons has been saying for weeks he is washed on his podcast, I bet Klay listened to it and took it personally against us

Still backing the Warriors to get their s**t together and make at least the Conferences Finals again in a fairly mediocre West.

Why would you listen to Bill's podcast if you think he's a flog?

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Nice to play well. Few and far between this year.

Obviously just a minor speed bump for the Celtics GOAT team though. Would be shocked if they don't win the next 8.
Got a feeling the clippers will get up against us.

Was a decent game credit to the warriors I hate Steph curry playing against us, but still marvel at him.

Think this loss might get to the boys a bit after last season finals loss, but we should bounce back but wouldn’t be surprised if we lost the extra odd game.

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Christ all mighty, the ending to Bucks v Rockets was crazy. MilWaukLol

Not trying to kick a man while he's down but we have consistently performed better when Lucas has coached in the few times it has happened. Maybe it wouldn't continue over multiple games but he seems to lift the players.

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