Mega Thread The Official Bigfooty NBA Week 18. Boston 105 Denver 87

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May 9, 2013
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I'm the sense essentially saying he will be traded...
Is this the exchange you are talking about?

"Big guys take longer to develop than guards -- it's just a fact," Kerr said. "So 100 percent when we picked him, it was, 'This guy is really talented and he's a great kid.' However long it takes, he's gonna be well worth the pick.

"And I know we can further the conversation and say, 'What about the timeline with Steph [Curry and Draymond [Green] and Klay [Thompson] and what does that mean.' And those are valid questions.

"Can we get James up to speed quick enough to match the timeline with our three core guys? And that's a great question. And we don't know the answer. But when you go into a draft and you see someone who potentially is a generational talent, then that's a decision you have to make."

Soon thereafter, the following back-and-forth took place:

Nick Friedell: "Do you feel like you know enough about James where you would stand on the table and say, 'Hey guys, he's 20, we see the talent -- let's keep him out of any possible trade conversations.' "

Kerr: "Well done. Well played, Nick (laughter). How many people are truly untouchable in the NBA in terms of a trade? I don't know. LeBron [James] , Steph and Giannis [Antetokounmpo]? Everybody's tradeable. You never know what's gonna happen.

"That's [Bob Myers'] job. In this business, you never know how it's gonna play out. But what you value is good young talent. And James is a really, really promising young talent. And we love him on a personal level with his work ethic and his maturity."

I'm not reading as much into it as you.


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Aug 11, 2006
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Top 10 NBA players (considering Lebron/Davis/Mitchell currently are not playing
Randle (Im ******* vommiting while i type this and i want to be the last guy to admit it)
And homer pick, Kat

Who ******* said the Center is dead?


A Vote for Clive is a Vote for Justice
Aug 11, 2006
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Timberwolves, Crystal Palace
Word is lavine is walking in free agency
He'll get as much money as he wants and rightfully so, Stud scorer, Can play 1v1 defence but cant since Chicago are what they are. I think long term Wendell Cartier had shown a lot this year and ultimately from next season would be a better fit. I think Picking up a well skilled big in Vucevic and Aminu helps but not at the expense of two first round picks.


Oct 19, 2008
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I have been tralling through BBRef and have basically come to the conclusion that one of the most indictative ways to call the MVP race is to go (GameScore per game * played Wins) and sort by the final number. It's the three most basic principles that have decided MVP for decades (box score, durability and team success) summed up in one number, and removes anything to do with narrative or media control over the discussion.

This isn't an overall player ranking, as the wins requirement to advance up the ranks means good 6th men on great teams will often be higher than superstars on bad teams for example, and defensive impact is only tangentically included (i.e. steals + blocks, and the idea that playing good defence = more wins) but if looking at just the MVP race it churns out pretty reliable rankings.

Top 15 this year as of end of April 16th's games (US time):
RANKPLAYERGameScore/GPPersonal W/LGameScore/GP * Wins
1.Nikola Jokic25.636-20921
2.Joel Embiid24.630-8737
3.Giannis Antetokounmpo24.230-16725
4.Donovan Mitchell18.039-14703
5.Rudy Gobert16.342-14683
6.Kawhi Leonard21.931-14680
7.James Harden23.029-13666
8.Luka Doncic22.229-21645
9.Devin Booker16.938-13641
10.Damian Lillard22.029-23639
11.Stephen Curry23.627-21636
12.Chris Paul15.739-15612
13.Kyrie Irving21.828-12609
14.Tobias Harris16.835-14587
15.LeBron James20.928-13584

This fluctuates daily based on stat lines and who wins/loses and rises and falls happen regularly. Embiid was 1st until hurt, then dropped to 6th/7th and in only a few games back has shot quickly back up 2nd. LeBron was 3rd/4th all year and is nearly out of the top 15 with his injury. Harden and Giannis were really close behind Jokic before both getting hurt which let Jokic get a big lead that probably won't be caught unless he starts missing games or the Nuggets collapse and stop winning.

The All-NBA team would be

1st team:
G Mitchell
G Harden
F Giannis
F Kawhi
C Jokic

2nd team:
G Doncic
G Booker
F Harris
F LeBron
C Embiid

3rd team:
G Lillard
G Curry
F George
F Middleton
C Gobert

next in line:
G Paul
G Irving
F Randle
F Williamson
C Ayton

I've worked this out back to the 90's and it checks out pretty well historically as well.
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