Mega Thread The Official Bigfooty NBA Week 5 Thread - Where's Kyrie?

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May 13, 2008
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I don't think anyone thought Steph or Harden would be competing for best player in the league 3-4 years before they actually were either.

Zion has played 36 games. Why are you making statements like this so early? It's not like he's struggling.

Zion stats after 36 games - 23/7/4 on 59% shooting.

LeBron after 36 games - 20/6/6 on 42% shooting

Shaq after 36 games - 23/14/2 on 57% shooting

Duncan after 36 games - 17/11/2 on 57%

That's comparing him to the last three guys that came into the NBA with "hype". Seems comparable to me.

Your expectations are too high for someone straight into the NBA for superstardom.
Also worth mentioning Zion is not even averaging 30 minutes a game yet.

Zion is putting up those numbers on less than 2.5 quarters per game.
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