The Official Chris 'gif-ted' Bosh Appreciation thread

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Son of Skeletor

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May 23, 2012
Smoothie King Central
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Tottenham Hotspur, New Orleans Pels

Solid gold.

I have no idea what they're arguing about, but it's not going to stop me making something up..

Chalmers: But it's not fair! You went to the All-Star game last year - this year it's MY turn. I'm a Heatle too!
Bosh: That's not how it works - I'm an All-Star and you're not, little dude.
Chalmers: Oh yeah? Then why am I nominated on this year's All-Star ballot?
Bosh: Well, it's because you play for the Miami H...
Chalmers: WHAT?!
Bosh: Nothing, nothing - yes OK you're a real Heatle too Mario. We're cool, we're cool!

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