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Jun 18, 2014
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Port Adelaide
What’s so nice about it? That Everton finished 8th and a couple of players are on $100k, which according to online research is just under less than double what the highest Wolves player was on last season? I think the problem lies in that there is still a shocked reaction to sports contracts. Yes, Rashford shouldn’t be on £200k a week. Walcott shouldn’t be on £100k a week. Ronaldo shouldn’t be on £535k a week. These contracts are ridiculous. It isn’t a Manchester United thing because they can afford it. Any club can overpay a player, like Everton are doing.
Oh god now type it out again without crying. For someone who doesn’t care you sure do ramble on about it.


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Sep 18, 2014
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Man United, San Antonio Spurs
Rashford would wanna start performing like a superstar on a consistent basis after signing that new deal.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 10, 2012
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St Kilda
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Western United Football Club
Lol he got f’ed over, that guy should direct his anger towards the chiefs at Chelsea. The way they treat their legends like Cech and Lampard shows their class compared to a club like Man United.

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Sep 27, 2014
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Matches for live TV in August and September

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Friday 9 August 2019
20:00 Liverpool v Norwich (Sky Sports)

Saturday 10 August 2019
12:30 West Ham v Man City (BT Sport)
17:30 Spurs v Aston Villa (Sky Sports)

Sunday 11 August 2019
14:00 Newcastle v Arsenal (Sky Sports)
16:30 Man Utd v Chelsea (Sky Sports)

Saturday 17 August 2019
12:30 Arsenal v Burnley (BT Sport)
17:30 Man City v Spurs (Sky Sports)

Sunday 18 August 2019
14:00 Sheff Utd v Crystal Palace (Sky Sports)
16:30 Chelsea v Leicester (Sky Sports)

Monday 19 August 2019
20:00 Wolves v Man Utd (Sky Sports)

Friday 23 August 2019
20:00 Aston Villa v Everton (Sky Sports)

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12:30 Norwich v Chelsea (BT Sport)
17:30 Liverpool v Arsenal (Sky Sports)

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16:30 Spurs v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

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12:30 Southampton v Man Utd (BT Sport)
17:30 Burnley v Liverpool (Sky Sports)

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14:00 Everton v Wolves (Sky Sports)
16:30 Arsenal v Spurs (Sky Sports)

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12.30 Liverpool v Newcastle (BT Sport)
17:30 Norwich v Man City (Sky Sports)

Sunday 15 September 2019
14:00 AFC Bournemouth v Everton (Sky Sports)
16:30 Watford v Arsenal (Sky Sports)

Monday 16 September 2019
20:00 Aston Villa v West Ham (Sky Sports)

Friday 20 September 2019
20:00 Southampton v AFC Bournemouth (Sky Sports)

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12:30 Leicester v Spurs (BT Sport)
17:30 Newcastle v Brighton (Sky Sports)

Sunday 22 September 2019
14:00 West Ham v Man Utd (Sky Sports)
16:30 Arsenal v Aston Villa*
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16:30 Chelsea v Liverpool (Sky Sports)

Saturday 28 September 2019
12:30 Sheff Utd v Liverpool (BT Sport)
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20:00 Man Utd v Arsenal (Sky Sports)

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Sunday 6 October 2019
Arsenal v AFC Bournemouth
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Norwich v Man Utd

Sunday 10 November 2019
Leicester v Arsenal
Man Utd v Brighton

Sunday 1 December 2019
Man Utd v Aston Villa
Norwich v Arsenal

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Apr 8, 2015
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Sticking a kid on £150k p/w is probably a big reason why these English players after bursting onto the scene suddenly stagnate. Too much too soon. Seen it with Dele, Rashford, Lingard and others already.


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Aug 18, 2009
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150k a week apparently.

Not sure what he's done to justify that wage.
That’s what we’re paying Mané.

Only Van Dijk, Salah & Firmino are on more at Liverpool.

Admittedly those 4 are probably in line for pay rises at the moment, but that’s the echelon of pay brackets he’s in.

I’d be interested to know where that salary ranks at Chelsea.

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