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One of those weeks where 200 doesn't even get you in the top ten.

What a shame I missed the game. But I'm going to enjoy the replay!

Pieman results later tonight if I don't consume too many Bevos bevies before then.
One of those weeks where 200 doesn't even get you in the top ten.

What a shame I missed the game. But I'm going to enjoy the replay!

Pieman results later tonight if I don't consume too many Bevos bevies before then.

Surely a record number of chumps?
PIEMAN RESULTS Rd 14 vs Fremantle

A Chumpathon!

That was a great win against one of the definite finals contenders. Not only did it keep our season alive but it was the first in what will no doubt be a good number of "8 point games" as the season approaches its finale. Also sweet satisfaction in turning around our lacklustre performance against Freo when we played them in the west back in round 7.

Easily the most goals for the year (next best was 19). Lots of goals means some big Pieman scores. Ten goalkickers was our second most for the year (we had 11 against WCE in Rd 3). And the goals were spread fairly evenly with seven players being multiple goalkickers and they included the six most popular picks.

So yes, ossie, we did have a record number of Chumps - well equal most for the year anyway. There were 9 of them. We even had 4 Chumpaloozas (salute to Floridog for that expression) but you don't get extra points for one of those.

Carryover Teams and Pieman Substitutes

There were 10 carryover teams. They needed three Pieman subs as follows:
  • Charlie Bucket got Bont (30) for Garcia
  • Northern Dogs got Bont (3) for McNeil and O'Donnell (0) for Garcia
Most Popular Picks

After applying carryover teams and Pieman subs these were the most popular picks:



This was a week where every kid gets a prize. Well ... every kid except lachy, who went all in on Buku and Libba. The top 9 scores were all Chumps and the Chumpiest of them all was this week's Kelvin winner Boyd oh Boyd (309) who used Bramble and English to get a base score of 221 and a bonus of 88. lateniter (271) and ossie_21 (263) also used some of the higher handicap players (Gallagher, Treloar, English) to get themselves a decent bonus and finish 2nd and 3rd respectively.

However because all the top fancies were multiple goalkickers this week, even going for the players with the lowest handicaps would get you a healthy score as several others showed.

The average score was a whopping 155.58 and the median was 138.


Big scores at the top of the table and ossie_21 did make up a bit of ground on the leader but it's still chez_ferret with a 60 point lead. Only ossie and Xbox are within 100 points of the ferret. This week's Kelvin winner Boyd oh Boyd moved up from 14th to 8th but is still a fair way adrift of the leader.

There are still nine rounds to go (and possibly even some finals) so there's plenty of time to make up ground.


Pieman Player of the Week

This was a great spread of scores. Even the Bont, for all his 3 goal heroics, could only come in 8th on the list. PPotW was shared by Gallagher and Bramble.

The even spread of scores meant that the highest possible score was always going to be a Chump:

Highest possible score - a Chump of Gallagher+Bramble+West+English+Lobb would get you a base 243 pts and a bonus of 97 for a total of 340.

Highest possible non-Chump score - a 3+2 featuring Gallagher and Bramble in either order would get you 260 points.


Pieman Player of the Year

Bont moves further ahead of the field with another 30 points. West has moved into second, just ahead of Darcy who will be champing at the bit to get back among the goals after the bye.

It's interesting to see the spread of goalkickers we have. Marra leads the goalkicking with 23 but there are 3 other players (Bont, Darcy & Naughton) who have 22. And not far behind them are West and Weightman on 17.

With 95.71 pts per week the WB average the second most points behind Sydney (104.08) but our highest goalkicker (Ugle-Hagan) is only 15th in the race for the Coleman. While it's always nice for one of your players to pick up a gong like the Coleman I reckon we are better off with a spread of goalkickers who could all kick multiples in any given week. It's a lot harder for opposition teams to shut down a multi-pronged scoring threat like that.


The rest of the season

Nine rounds to go. And hopefully some finals.

Private Selections
From next game (Rd 16 v North) if anyone wants to submit their team privately so that nobody can shadow their picks then they are welcome to PM me. But the usual rules apply. Must be submitted before the first bounce. Any changes must be a new PM. I may publish your picks in the Pieman thread as soon as entries are closed (start of game). I may also post that I have received PM team from you.

This arrangement will be in place until the end of the season.

Final H&A Round
I will be overseas for the final H&A round. Let's hope that's not the Dogs' last game of the year but if it is the final results will be delayed until I get back - just before the first week of finals. For that final H&A round (Rd 24) I will publish handicaps for the entire list as I won't know the selected teams for that week. I'm sure you'll cope.

Go Dogs!
I’m so glad that I had a minor op in my foot yesterday and totally forgot to put my selections in!!

And don’t worry, I’ll be fit for finals

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The four headed monster emerges from its cave after more than 12 months in hibernation.
Or is that five heads?

No wait! Could it be six?


AFL Team | Round 16

North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs
Saturday June 29, 1:45pm AEST
Marvel Stadium, Docklands • Wurundjeri
Broadcast: Fox Footy/Kayo

B: Taylor Duryea, Liam Jones, Bailey Williams

HB: Lachy Bramble, James O’Donnell, Bailey Dale

C: Harvey Gallagher, Adam Treloar, Ryley Sanders

HF: Cody Weightman, Aaron Naughton, Jack Macrae

F: Jamarra Ugle-Hagan, Marcus Bontempelli, Rhylee West

FOLL: Tim English, Ed Richards, Tom Liberatore

One of the following will probably be the WB sub:
Laith Vandermeer, Oskar Baker, Rory Lobb, Sam Darcy, Joel Freijah

Pieman Handicaps
Hard to know what to expect this week.

Pieman Substitutes

If required, Pieman substitutes will be applied in the following order:

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