Toast The Positive thread

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Dec 1, 2010
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Disclaimer - Baseless positivity puff piece...

I’m usually pretty upbeat at this point of the year and excited about the season ahead. You know before the season starts, the losses mount and the realisation that we’re still shit sets in.
Feels different this off season though. Positivity level is definitely up quite a few notches on the norm.
Is it the fit, ripped bodies of the playing group? Or the look of determination and commitment on the faces of the boys? Perhaps it’s the addition of Russell and his program and the apparent player buy in? And of course there’s the upbeat and informative insights of those attending the training sessions which are so greatly appreciated.
Not sure, could simply be I’m just happy it’s Friday arvo after a long first week back at work..

Nah, it’s not just that. It all adds up to our Blues building something really special. Feel we’re going to have a ripper year. 👍🏻
The fact the club is actually allowing us to see training can only help.:thumbsu:
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