Universal Love The Positivity Thread

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May 27, 2013
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Gold Coast
After reading the sentiment on our board over the last two weeks and seeing almost polar opposite reactions to the Collingwood loss vs the Sydney win, I felt it necessary to create a positivity thread to counter our vent thread/any other thread on our board that's filled with negativity for the inevitable time that things don't go the way we want them to. The rules of this thread are simple: only positive posts are allowed. It is to be a space where our supporters can go after a loss (or a win) and post something positive. If you don't like the idea, don't get involved. Simple.

I'll go first. I feel like the Swans win on Saturday was really big for our playing group and could be the start of something special. The belief seems to be growing within the four walls and Touk Miller's interview on Fox Footy tonight really left me with the impression that we're heading in the right direction. Touk talked about not just winning a single premiership, but setting up a legacy and a culture at the Suns that will last beyond himself and he specifically mentioned the desire to be a regular top 4 club each season. I don't think I've ever been more optimistic about where this club is heading and I can't wait to see how we go against Fremantle this week. Let's go!


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Jul 21, 2010
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chol and casboult have provided the closest thing we've had to a functioning tall forward duo since lynch & dixon. honestly they've been a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to watch knowing they'll make a decent contribution every week.

hoping we can find a way to slot king back in when he's back and not lose too much synergy (not saying a 3 tall forward lineup is the way to go).

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Nov 17, 2009
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Gold Coast
I was critical of him not long ago but he has taken his game to another level the last few weeks added some mongrel and harder edge to his game and his work rate has become more consistent.. really pushing himself without cooking himself it seems
I've never really believed in the work hard and it will come in sport-because virtually all players work hard
But I reckon no-one works harder on the ground than BA


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Oct 28, 2009
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In the spirit of the thread I am loving every comment.

The positive? Michael Walters is out of this weeks match

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Southern Sun

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Mar 6, 2020
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Gold Coast
For me..
1. The group seems unified and committed to have success and shown it by putting pen to paper.
2. Witts, Thompson and Budarick returning from knee reconstructions and doing well. Hollands aswell although we haven't seen him in the 1s yet.
3. Our captains, love the leadership from witts and miller. True leaders who inspire a young group.


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Nov 4, 2019
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The win today will give our boys massive confidence in our game plan, back to back wins from the same plan.

Finally some pressure off us, hopefully the boys can ride this momentum into the bye.

Also, what has usually stopped us in the past has been injuries, been a clean run besides ol' benny. Are we maybe showing signs of brisbane 2018 where they were competitive in every game and started their rise


Jun 27, 2021
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Gold Coast
We have currently played the 2nd most amount of top 8 teams (6) for 3 wins, equal with Saints who have played only 4 top 8 teams.

Games won against the top 8;
Adl 1/4
Bris 1/2
Carl 1/2
Coll 1/4
Ess 0/5
Freo 2/3
Gws 0/7
Gee 1/4
GC 3/6
Haw 1/6
Mel 2/2
Nth 0/5
Port 1/4
Rich 0/3
St.k 3/4
Syd 1/2
Wce 0/5
Wbd 1/4

I’m beginning to believe…


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Jan 22, 2018
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Gold Coast
I was looking forward to this season and for obvious reasons. Will Suns finally start climb the ladder? Will Dew get sacked/extended? Will key players re-sign? Will young players 3-5 years in a system start delivering? Will Witts be back and in what form? I was a bit of tired reading constant s**t about Suns.

It’s still not bye but I have nothing to do so decided to put some thoughts to paper now.

I have to say the season was not boring so far and delivered for me ups and downs as I expected.

At 2W:5L just 2 weeks ago I expected Dew to go, another losing season happening. We did improve on last year, but wins were mostly not there. We did not get blown off the park in any game.

Now after 2 impressive victories the pendulum is swinging back to Dew staying and the team improving on the ladder. I am looking forward to seeing how we go next 3 games and after bye. I don’t expect fade out.

I don’t expect Suns to play finals as history says that after round 9 teams outside top 8 usually don’t make it, but Suns do have reasonable fixture from now on and competition is extremely close.

For fun, here is my take how we could get to finals by winning 12 games. We need to win 8 games from 13 games remaining.

Next 3 games WB (A), Hawks (H Darwin), North (H Darwin) – 2W:1L, that’s 6W:6L at bye.

After bye bottom teams games Crows (H), North (A), Eagles (H), Collingwood (H), Hawks (A) Essendon (A) – 5W:1L. Some of those teams are starting putting games into kids or have injuries.

After bye top teams games Lions (A), Port (A), Cats (H), Tigers (H) – 1W:3L.

We could get 2 wins against top teams like Cats and Tigers at home but we could also lose 2 games against bottom teams.

As for the team, I liked the effort in all games except GWS when we were off. I like new style. We are more consistent. Form of some players fluctuated. I wanted more rotations in the middle (especially Swallow), we are still young there. We were caught by oppositions in the middle on spread after they did their homework, still too many turnovers and we struggled to defend from turnovers. Converting opportunities is constant issue. Just against Freo - Rankine, Ainsworth, Chol and Ellis, all missed relatively easy shots.

Most disappointing loss for me was against Collingwood. I suspect this one will haunt us.

After Lions game it was players who drove meetings, response. It looks to me like players took ownership of their performances and the club as it should be.

This Mon on Couch Lyon mentioned that Demons players told him that Suns were the most difficult opposition so far. So, we got to do something correct. Building a team, style difficult to play against, built for finals.

Witts exceeded my expectations. To play like this after ACL is great effort. Yes, Preuss spanked him but in the rest of games he was better ruckman including against Gawn, Nic.

Budarick cost us in his first 2 games but last 2 games he started to pay back. He’s a ripper.

Thompson is unbelievable story. He fits into our defence and players walk taller with him. Stay healthy Rory.

Chol is improving with every game. What a surprise for me.

Casboult – emergency turned into important player to our structure. Love his contest.

Ainsworth is turning into elite player and improved his kick.

Some great games from Collins, Ballard, Powell but also some average performances.

Anderson and Rowell building. I can already see Anderson becoming a gun in 1-2 years.

Holman, what a warrior. Watching him against Freo, find me another player in AFL chasing like him.

Personally, I am a bit disappointed that Flanders did not take opportunity yet.

Farrar plays. Happy.

Moyle in VFL is a great promise.

We do have a depth.

Yes, swap Bowes with Fiorini when Bowes’s ready.

Happy that Rankine proved critics wrong recently.

We looked good physically against all teams. Pretty unbelievable to see us dominating Swans in the last quarter. Great job by high performance and medical teams.

Most players committed. Rankine and Luko, it’s time to re-sign. I believe both will do. I never seen Luko so engaged and excited after win against Swans.

Confidence could do wonders for players after string of wins.

Min 10 wins and Dew extension is still on for now. It’s still Dew’s way or highway. Happy with that.

Let’s re-assess at bye.
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Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 22, 2018
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Probably not positive post but I can't see a thread that would fit ladder speculation.

Looking at the ladder right now, it looks to me pretty fair where we sit and the rest of teams. Right now, we are 12th and I would just swap us with Collingwood (Freo will probably do it for us today) to move to 11th spot.

Port or WB are my primary candidates moving to top eight. Replacing Swans for me. Swans have a tough remaining fixture and play far from convincing footy for me especially in the middle.

Win next 3 games and we can still make finals. OK, it's a positive post.
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