The Primetime Pricey Memorial Thread for unrepentant gamblers, Part 15 feat. Jaidyn Stephenson

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Jun 23, 2008
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Occasionally during the NBA season, I throw together a long-shot multi with juicy odds. Sometimes I find bookies offer unusually good odds on NBA games, particularly early in the season when things are still "up in the air". If it comes off, great! If not, I'm only down $10 or $20, price of a take-away or a couple of drinks.

Anyway, I did one today, including:

Washington by 1-10
Indiana by 1-10
Memphis by 1-10
Atlanta by 1-10
Minnesota by 11+
Toronto by 1-10
Dallas by 11+
Philadelphia by 1-10
Milwaukee by 1-10
Brooklyn by 1-10
Los Angeles Lakers by 1-10

$10 down, for a potential $812,582.70 win, through BetEasy (with a bonus multi-boost added)! Ridiculous odds!

It was over on the first leg, when the Memphis-Orlando game ended first, with the Magic cruising home by 22, on the back of a 34-8 final quarter. Only ended up picking 2 out of 11 results overall, and 5 of 11 game winners :D Oh well, worth a throw!

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