The Primetime Pricey Memorial Thread for unrepentant gamblers, Part 15 feat. Jaidyn Stephenson

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Jan 31, 2012
patterson lakes
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Boston Celtics
Cheers Dhoni u smelly fuccktart

Might wanna pick up the run rate next time u muppet

Wasn’t a test match ffs
Smacked of a match fix to me the cheating turbin wearing curry. Reminiscent of his innings 4 years ago in the semi. I think a few of his mates back home had a few rupee on the sheep f***ers.
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Jul 13, 2012
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The Dhoni wank fest is embarrassing, getting carried again but apparently he’s controlling the innings 🙄
Costs them game after game with his 50 strike rate and all people do is applaud.
"The finisher" no the bloke cant hit the ball off the square. "The pensioner" would be a better name.
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