The Primetime Pricey Memorial Thread for unrepentant gamblers, Part 17

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Dec 2, 2017
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4th of 6th leg for me on the way to 2.5k.

Deadset the only sides they’d beat atm is Essendon & North....and how they reappointed Cameron for another 2 years is just staggering.
Im about to break sh*t mate, if they screw me

I cannot stand these dirty campaigners, fu** me every time

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Jan 31, 2012
patterson lakes
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Boston Celtics
In hindsight I agree but Carlton had everything to play for and don’t even show up

Like wtf
True & the market fell for it but they played similarly against the swans last week & struggled to get over them.

In saying this, they’ll prob come out now & rattle home. Live line bet prob isn’t a bad option.

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