Solved The Public Assassination of Kim Jong-nam *New Doccy

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Dec 27, 2016
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Kim Jong-nam, the half brother of the Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un, seemed to know immediately after the girls made contact at Kuala Lumpur airport, that he'd been poisoned and needed medical attention fast. He died.

Arrests followed and the court heard the most absurd defence, ever. The girls responsible for the murder thought it was a prank for a TV show.

Rather like the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi whose head was taken out of Turkey and returned to Riyadh in a diplomatic bag, those ordering the murder and in another country, keep getting away with it.

New doccy out on this, it's called 'Assassins' where the complex political situation surrounding Kim Jong Nam and Pyongyang’s reasons for wanting him dispatched is explained.

Basically, Kim Jong-nam was the favourite son who was destined to take over the reins as Supreme Leader but he was considered far too progressive and westernised. His English was also too excellent, he spoke with an American accent saying things like 'cool man'.

In 2001, Japan caught him with his son trying to get in on a fake passport with the sole intention of visiting Tokyo Disneyland. Pyongyang was embarrassed, it was the beginning of the end for Jong-nam.

Some sub titles, looks like it might mostly be in English though.

I haven't seen it in full yet but it's on the list.

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