The Race for #1 Supercoach League Glory (and forum bragging rights)

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Sep 14, 2006
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How far off the pace was Supercoach Elite 1 at the same stage last year? Any recollection?

My hunch is that the top leagues from Supercoach Scores are pretty aggressive traders - now mostly with completed teams - but probably running with an average of 5-6 trades left. Whereas Supercoach Elite and Supercoach Coach are a little more conservative, operating with an extra trade or two on average, and therefore better placed in the event of carnage in the final couple of rounds.

That seems to be how SCE 1 romped home at the end of 2015.
Can't remember the splits at this time last year, but SCE1 made up about 1500 points in round 23 alone last year.

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Not open for further replies.
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