Rumour The real 2020 RUMOUR thread. NO DISCUSSION IN THIS THREAD

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We Await Silent Tristero's Empire
Nov 24, 2007
DTC Frat House
AFL Club
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#Antifa #NZ
Redux: MOD NOTE: threads like this are dumb, and a complete waste of our time to moderate, because people have a hard time understanding what "No Discussion" means. So, I tell you what - i‘ll keep the thread open, but infract anyone who posts anything that isn’t a rumour.


Rumours look like this:
Crows will take Elijah Hollands with first pick.
(same norwood based source who said Stephens would go top 5 when most "experts" had him outside top 10).
Specifically, they reference a future event that *may* happen, and usually end up being laughably false.

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