The repatriation home of Australian wives and children of ISIL fighters

Are you comfortable with the repatriation of these Australians?

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Jun 6, 2016
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So the Commonwealth government is in the process of returning Australian wives and children of ISIL fighters.

An excerpt from this article

Spud head Dutton claims

Peter Dutton has said he holds “grave concerns” the repatriation of Australian women and children from Syrian detention camps poses a “significant risk … that can’t be mitigated”.

So my question to the spud head is how can this risk (if any) not be mitigated?

The government reassures that these repatriates will be monitored, I haven't found a link to this. If someone could link one that'd be helpful to the discussion.

In any case, given the miniscule number of people returning, I do not see an issue with repatriating women and children to our home shores from obviously abhorrent conditions.

Further these people have grown up in Australia and would recognize Australian values and customs, if any of them have an issue with our society I imagine that'll be discovered and sorted out pretty quickly.

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