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The Rise of the Admins
Several days ago, our current SFA leader and guiding hand, Cloud_, announced the 3 candidates that will vie for the heavy burden at seasons end. The returning The Filth Wizard, the backroom wheeler and dealer Ant Bear and the one from left field fumbler. With any great political race, all candidates will be poked, prodded and placed under a microscope as the constituents try and determine which among these three is the lesser evil.

All 3 of these candidates are divisive, have baggage attached and have murky platforms on which they are running. I can’t think of a more contentious race in the history of the SFA, I actually don’t think we’ve had a race like this before. So I think it’s in all our interests that those that will be making the decision, the shaping of the future if the SFA, do their due diligence when placing their vote. We seek clarity.

The Case for The Filth Wizard.
The Filth Wizard has done it before. He knows what it takes. He had a couple of seasons in the top job, and dealt with a variety of issues relatively competently. He put in place several SFA staples, that are still in place so he’s knows what is needed to do the job. He stepped down from the previous reign because he couldn’t meet his own lofty standards, however this time around he appears prepared to make sure those standards are met. The Filth Wizard appears to have accepted that allowing others to aid and help isn’t a slight on his capabilities, but more of a mark of maturity.
He’s also had success in building and reinvigorating struggling teams. If the leagues starts to falter, he would be a steady hand on the rudder to right the ship.
He’s begun his campaign on a platform of continuation. So strong and stable seems to be the TFW mantra. A vote for TFW seems to pretty much a vote for the same.

The Case Against The Filth Wizard.
Whether real or conjured, there is a group of posters that stand behind TFW. Criticisms from his last reign that simmered was that TFW allowed certain elements of the league get away with posts that tred the line of acceptability. Since his return to the playing public, TFW has also been seen as a face of this group, a group that uses it influence to consolidate it’s own position. Will the TFW be able to separate himself and run the league from a position of neutrality. He’s mentioned about current league standards but how much of a hand has TFW had in crafting these standards from his time as previous Admin/Mod and then as a hugely influential poster in the league.
He’s had a history of reinvigorating teams, but there are questions about his ability to develop clear succession plans. Can teams that he’s been a part really say they’ve benefited from having him there?
TFW’s ability to be impartial, take advice from those outside his circle and his ability to compromise will be question marks that hover over his campaign. He’s already been quite dismissive of questions posed to him.
Why does TFW want the role is another contentious question. Does he want it to keep the league ticking over while slightly tinkering, or does he want the role to consolidate his claim as the greatest SFA player ever?

The Case for Ant Bear.
Ant Bear has, as he has outlined, been an incredibly active member of the SFA community, not only as team captain, but also as a behind the scenes collaborator for the greater community. He’s got a solid track record in the committee, working on media (and following through) and wider recruiting. He plans, he organizes and appears to have the SFA’s best interests at heart. Ant Bear has also stated that he will be seeking advice and consultation from those around the league whilst in the position of Admin, in a move that seems to aim to please as many as possible.
AB has also outlined that he doesn’t believe many changes need to be made, and that the league is moving in a reasonable direction, that being said, he’s outlined quite a number of areas he’d like to tinker with.
AB appears to be standing on a platform or Growth and Rookies. This is an admirable position. Bringing new posters and personas into the league to keep the league healthy and interesting. He does have a solid track record in this, as well organizing tours of the wider BigFooty board. Will AB do this even if he is not successful?
A vote for AB seems to be a vote for a well-organized league, one that would hopefully see steady growth, maybe even expansion, if AB delivers.

The Case Against Ant Bear.
Motive. Ant Bears initial speech was very nice, yet didn’t really say much. A perfect political speech. The biggest question mark that confronts AB is why does he want the position? Is it purely for the glory. He’s done about all that an individual can do in this league except run it. Is this candidacy purely to tick another box on a booming resume, to have his name etched into the annuls of the Sweet FA? During his captaincy days, accusations of glory hunting followed him. Is this any different? Is this the ultimate Ruck Rover position?
Is his desire for growth actually what it seems on the outside? Or does he want some of these niche clubs, that enjoy clear and unique identities, to become more of one style fits all kind of deal. Does more always mean better. Quality vs Quantity will be firmly at the forefront of a AB reign.
Similar to TFW, Ant Bear has a group that firmly sits in his corner, positioning themselves as challengers/antidotes to the corner occupied by TFW and those around him. Now this group has quietened down recently, but an AB election victory, might bring them back out, as well as those that strongly oppose AB might either burn the place down or walk out. All of which has been threatened in the past. AB has streams vitriol follow him wherever he goes, whether it’s deserved or not is never really clear. Him ascending to the throne will just amplify this. Will these cracks become gaping insurmountable gorges?

The Case for fumbler
Fumbler is, and has always been, an ideas man. Some have seen the light of day, and some have not. With fumbler it appears we will see the most changes – committee room, voting process, SoO, schedule spread, All-SFA, streamlining processes, creating an assistant, even tinkering with the sim. Contrary to popular belief fumbler has put a lot of thought into this platform. Now fumblers track record would suggest some, but not all of these would get off the ground. Are these changes for changes sake, or is fumbler ahead of the curve.
A vote for fumbler appears to be a vote for change and difference. He’s positioning himself as a clear juxtaposition to the other two candidates. He doesn’t have a clear supporter base, but might quickly grow one with clear and open discourse. He might win over some of those disaffected by the baggage brought by the other two.
fumbler so far has the clearest platform. Which in a world of political double-speak, is a surprise, especially from a candidate that embraces the odd and obfuscation. Maybe is sense of fun will breathe fresh air into a traditionally dour role.

The Case against fumbler
Does he have the chops to do the job? Many have already discounted fumbler as the tacked on third candidate, or even just there for the lulz. A candidate not to be taken seriously. At many points in his career fumbler hasn’t taken this place seriously, when seriousness was needed. Can the persona of fumbler and fumbler the admin co-exist? Or will one totally erase the other.
Fumblers leadership track record will also be a point of contention. He’s been a captain and in the committee, but at times wanders off into the ether, leaving those around him in the lurch to fill the void, until he gallantly returns. Yes, real life is more important than this place, but if questions about whether he can last a season are legitimate, should he even be in the running? Fumbler probably has the most to prove in regards of consistency. Ideas, there are plenty, but if the going gets tough within the SFA will fumbler get going?

Final Word
None of these candidates are perfect. All come with question marks. It’s how you personally, the candidates and the wider community, answer those questions marks that will lead us to make a suitable choice.
Can allegiances be left at the door when the selection process is underway, or will we see a rise in factionalism. Can allegiances be left at the door by whoever steps into the role?
We also must really question the role of the admin, and therefore also the role of the committee. Is the admin purely an administrator, there to implement ideas from the consulting committee, or is the committee purely a muted mouthpiece so the admin can appear to have gone through a consultation process. If the admin is the be all and end all, why is the committee needed. And if the admin is just implementer and organizer, what are we really voting for? Surely your respective captains, and those choices are more important.

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