Toast The Sam Power appreciation thread.

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Braybrook Son

Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 4, 2016
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Spoke to him at his brother’s 40th birthday a couple of years ago. Great bloke, and it was just before he came to us! Has done an amazing job the last two draft periods. Well done!

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Space Traveller
May 3, 2001
Sirius - the Dogstar
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
He came, he saw, he had a plan and he cleaned up.

If you ever had doubts about Power your apologies belong here.

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Haven’t seen any apologies yet ...
The trade thread was full of doom and pessimism, blaming Sam for outcomes that hadn’t even happened. All you experts...


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 6, 2012
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Great haul Sammy, a tidy trade period for us. 2 best 22 players and keeping our 1st pick? Bravo.

BTW I recommend you all do what I did, skip everything AFL related after the grand final and just tune in for the last 5 minutes of trade week. Much better skipping 100 pages of waffle.

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