The Shane Warnes of Football: Overweight players

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Senior List
Jun 9, 2017
AFL Club
West Coast
Shane Warne was a wonderful cricketer. He was also an absolute lump of a bloke. A lump of a bloke who managed to dominate the sport for over a decade. He loved his pies and booze and hated running, hence why he was parked at slips during the fielding sessions. The complete antithesis of your typical athlete made it to the elite level of his chosen sport and tore it up.

Which fat blokes do you remember playing football ? Good player or spud, it doesn't matter, this thread is dedicated to every single Jabba the Hut that has ever rolled out onto the ground to play at the elite level of our great game.

Ps: Feel free to recount stories of fat players during your playing days, or if you were said fatty tell us how you went.

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BTs Nana

All Australian
Aug 6, 2017
AFL Club
I get that he wasn't really but Fraser Gehrig always looked fat. I think it's cos he has the face of someone who should be fat.

Surely Darren Jarman takes the cake for post-retirement weight.

Fevola obviously loved a pie or seven coupled with his radio gig makes for some plus size footy.

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