Entertainment & Music The Simpsons Part 3

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Feb 19, 2016
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North Melbourne
Pepe: I love you, Papa Homer.
Homer: I love you, too, Pepsi.
Pepe: Pepi.
Homer: Pepi.
Bigger Brother employee: And what are your reasons for wanting a little brother?
Homer's brain: Don't say revenge, don't say revenge!
Homer: Eh... revenge?
Homer's brain: That's it, I'm gettin' outta here!
[sounds of someone walking down stairs and slamming a door. Meanwhile, the Bigger Brother employee peruses her checklist]
Checklist: Revenge.
[she marks that with an X]

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Sep 21, 2004
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West Coast
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I won the previous round of the General Discussion Song Contest with this Simpsons classic :)
(Theme was Comedy)
Who else knows this word for word ? :D
I was singing this to myself tonight at work haha

Na na na na na na na na naaaa

U gott admit... its catchy

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