The 'South Australian Country Football Digest - Volume II'

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    SA Country Footy Author Peter Lines has just released this ripper book which contains 422 pages of South Australian country football history, statistics, records and stories. The new book features over 100 team photographs, more than 50 player profiles and the histories of more than 150 South Australian country football leagues and associations.

    This book is a complete update of the Volume I with all new photographs and profiles, updated records with plenty of newly researched and contributed historical data included.

    Peter will be selling the book for $40.00 a copy plus $10.00 for postage and orders can be sent to me by email:, mail at 46 Lincoln Highway, Cowell, SA, 5602 or by phoning me on 0438 819 391. The new book will also be available from Dymocks in Rundle Mall and from the Matilda bookshop in Stirling.

    Peter's previous books, Encyclopedia of South Australian Country Football Clubs and the original South Australian Country Football Digest have both been reprinted and are available once more. The History of Football in the East Murray District can still be purchased as well.

    Peter's wife Leanne, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer five years ago. Following surgery, chemotherapy and a long period of uncertainty she has now fully recovered. Extremely grateful for the care and support given, Peter will donate $5.00 from the sale of each book to Cancer Council SA.

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