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Jun 13, 2018
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The arborist said there was one year left in the life of the tree.
I guess it's a constant process of replacing and regrowing.
Apart from the sound, I just wonder how she did not see it starting to fall.
It is a large tree.
The news report showed the police retrieving a beanie, doesn't mean she had ear phones on.
Still, it is a puzzle I am sure the experts will work out.
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Nov 20, 2008
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I Year left in the life of that Elm. How the hell did the arborist come up with such an exact and precise time life span!?!
I've been along there and all those Elms look the same in condition!
If that Elm had 1 year left then what are they going to do about the remaining Elms!?
Cut them down!?
Or get another arborist's opinion on the state of the remaining Elms.
Very intriguing...
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Feb 25, 2014
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Bloody sounds boring to me. That and Cadabra the only weak tracks on the album imo. Sort of hard rock tracks. Symptom has tough sounding guitar but find the vocals s**t. Love most Ozzy vocals though. The ending of the song is cool. The Dio era has a few cool tracks too.
When the song completely changes halfway through it does lift the song I agree. As for Ozzy's vocals, well he was never up there with Plant or Gillan was he?
Everything by Led Zepellin is better than anything else... that's a FACT not an opinion!
The first five Sabbath albums are classics and 13 isn't bad at all.
Deep Purple In Rock, Machine Head and Made In Japan are also classics.

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