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Prosecco avec Ecco
Jun 13, 2018
Prosecco Ecco
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Parma Serie A
Saw Hamish McLachlan at a cafe today.
He is thinner and fitter in real life than on TV.
When you enter middle age, fitness is important.
It is everything.
Don't to want to do a Gudinski, overweight and a premature death in sleep.

Hank Heavenly

Apr 10, 2013
AFL Club
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East Fremantle
geez the real version is stale.
Need to move Gerard Healey and Jonno Brown on I think...

Healy can't hardly string a sentence together anymore...
An big Jonno Brown just shouts over everyone to try and get his point across, I actually reckon hes quite dumb when it comes to footy, not suited to that show, more suited to something like bounce.

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