Competition The Warsaw Bisons - logo design

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Team Captain
Jul 6, 2011
Warsaw, Poland
AFL Club
Hi everyone!

AFL Poland is looking for one more logo - this time for our second Warsaw team - The Warsaw Bisons. Congrats again to WonderT for winning the Warsaw Boars comp.

The key to this logo design will be to differentiate the Bisons from the Boars. These animals aren't all that different, plus The Bisons will wear a black white and red kit donated by the South Belgrave footy club (picture below), which clashes a bit with the Boars colours. So I've attached the Boars logo for reference because we need the Bisons to be as different as possible.

- Please use the official Warsaw Bisons colours, as seen on the South Belgrave jumper below
- Please include a bison on the logo in some form
- The best design will be one which sets the Bisons apart from the Boars

Deadline for entry: 1st November
Selection process: all the designs will be shown to the players and they will vote on their preferred design in a poll. Note that there may be entries from outside BigFooty too. The players have until the 5th of November to vote
Award: The award for the logo is $30. If a Bigfooty design doesn't win the final poll, I will still award the $30 to the BigFooty design which placed highest.

After the selection is made, we might like to tweak the design and we can agree on an extra payment for that.

The Boars logo and the Polish Devils logo were massive hits among the players. We're really excited to see what BigFooty can produce for us a third time!



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The Swooping Magpie
Oct 27, 2016
AFL Club
Other Teams
Packers, Raptors, Renegades
Voting is complete and the winning design was magpienato! That's the second time he's won a competition for AFL Poland! Good stuff!

It was tight though with only one vote separating 1st and 2nd.

Well done and thanks again to everyone! This is such a bloody good resource.
Wow thanks, really is fun designing for you blokes so it's my pleasure.

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