Banter The WCE Cricket Banter Thread (Ball tampering permitted)

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Oct 11, 2006
Yelling at Clouds
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Well done Wade.

Especially well done by Smith- came to the crease at 2/17 on the first morning, getting hammered by the crowd, watched from the other end as side slumped to 8/122 before tea

Fast forward to the final session on day 4 and a pair of 140+ innings and even after England scored 374 in their first dig we are in a position that we are very unlikely to lose from


Brownlow Medallist
Mar 20, 2007
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West Coast
I think we are almost at the stage of being safe on runs.

So how long do we need to bowl them out (taking into account potential rain). 10 overs tonight and then tomorrow ?


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 13, 2014
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West Coast
I melted at 8/122 :oops:

A really gritty performance by the Aussies. Hopefully we get the win tonight but to get away from Edgbaston with a draw is still very handy. It is the English GABBAtoir and puts them on the back foot regardless.

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