The weekly serial spud watch~"Who or what is gonna spud us over this week?"~thread

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Brownlow Medallist
Mar 23, 2008
AFL Club
It seems every week there's someone who goes out of his way to shaft us. No matter who we play there is always at least one opposition player who for some reason, puts sand in our jocks and really sticks in our craw. So have a laugh at ourselves and out the usual suspects, and lament at past or predicted horror, or find the guy in our team who fits one of the categories below and gives it right back to the opposition.

As I see it, here's the irksome fourtrella:

Cat1) The decent player who always gives us grief.

Cat2) The serial spud - The oppo's hapless Chauncey Gardner who'll find a way to stooge us and somehow spud us over.

Cat3) The phantom - That player, the one you've rarely or never heard of, that newbie, or that also-ran hack back pocket player you can never remember the name of, but who will bob up out of nowhere and play out of his skin for this one game of the year.

Cat4) The never-fail one trick pony coaching tactic we always fall for against this mob.

Sooooo, me first

This week - Norf.

Cat1) Jack-effing-Ziebell. Seriously, has this guy ever not ripped us apart?

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