Preview The Western Bulldogs Brownlow Thread 2019

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Snarls Barkley

Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 7, 2012
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Fyfe was a deserved medallist in my opinion. I had him as the winner.

Congrats to Bont and Macrae and also Dunks. Honestly think Macrae was given too many. Very good and very consistent but rarely had him better than Bont or Dunkley. Well deserved though as he has probably been robbed a fair few votes over the journey.

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I ain't got this flu thing!
Apr 19, 2001
Keilor East via Chicago
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LOL Fyfe went to Aquinas Colege in Perth. I taught there 30 years ago. Hated the posh, snobby, arrogant boys and teachers. Glad to come back to Melbourne after one year.


Resident Biscuit
Jun 3, 2012
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Gold City Royals
Classic case of two guys with no one else on their team any good ( Fyfe and Cripps) vs a bunch of double acts ( Danger/Kelly, Neale/Zorko, Bont/Macrae, Grundy/Treloar).

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Neale leaving Freo actually cleared the way for Fyfe to win.


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Jan 1, 2015
Hoppers Crossing
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Bont probably just missed a couple of votes media gave him. Fyfe favoured more by umpires than media by a fair amount. Cripps in a losing side better than a winning side in umpires eyes - media values wins more than umpires this year.

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Brownlow Medallist
Jan 27, 2012
On the couch
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Congrats to Jake stringer for taking until round 19 to overtake Josh Schache on the Brownlow leaderboard for 2019
equal 128th in the Brownlow with Bailey Dale. Out polled by six bulldogs players. Wouldn’t have won our goal kicking, in fact only kicked one more goal than a 19 year old in his first year as a forward (that 19 year old polled more Brownlow votes). Pinch hit in the midfield but averages 12 touches a game. Only polled votes in one game.

there’s a reason stringer was worth only two second rounders above his off field stuff. For all the talent, he’s just not that good. Don’t @ me Essendon supporters, we gave you charity there and you are still a 13% worse side. We’ve played finals, bottomed out, made finals again, won a flag, bottomed out and rebuilt and we’ve overtaken you all before you’ve won one final.

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