The World Cup thread

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Oct 6, 2012
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North Melbourne
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What sort of eye sore is Old Trafford these dsys? Those ground developments are ugly.
Agree some are junk. During one of the earlier WC matches at Old Trafford there was talk in the commentary box that the stadium needed heavy upgrades or it was going to lose cricket there. However to obtain funds to make it happen they had to agree to become a multi purpose venue. So a bit like the showgrounds in Melbourne, the OT redevelopment was designed in mind for concerts, exhibitions and the like. Ugly yes, bit less of an eyesore than Princes Park in Carlton!


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Mar 7, 2007
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We can't choke. 12 months ago no one thought we'd even get to the semis. We were a rabble.

With the injuries we've got and Englands record agsinst us at Edgbaston, England should go on raging favourites.

nah not falling for that one mate !
I think most cricket followers would have had you guys inked in for the semis. You guys grow another leg in the big events


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May 20, 2012
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North Melbourne
yeah traditionally we've been scrappers. But we're lucky this time that I think we have 3 World Class Cricketers which we may not have had in the past( Good cricketers, but not World Class)

Williamson (Obviously)
Taylor who has averaged like nearly 70 in ODI cricket for the last 2-3 years before this world cup ( 2nd only to Kohli)
and Boult

plus got a really good quick in Fergusson (who i read somewhere had been the most consistently quick bowler in International cricket over the last year) who's just starting to up his wicket taking abilities

anyway, just my thoughts.
We wont be favourites no matter who we play, but we couldn't give a sh%t about that

Best thing KiwiRoo is lndia ain't gunna win it.

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