The World Cup thread


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Dec 7, 2011
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If the Australian Cricket Team was only made up of guys who weren't s**t blokes, then we'd have been spending the last month playing ODIs against the Netherlands and Zimbabwe.
Smith, for all the issues the sand-paper stuff says about his strength of leadership, has always struck me as a good bloke, and he's arguably the best batsman in the world.

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Oct 16, 2004
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Thought exactly the same. His partner needed to tell him not to waste it.
I don't get it. In a situation like that the ball has to be missing everything and clearly it wasn't. How neither Nicholls or Guptill knew it boggles me. (Not that my cricket career would qualify me to say. Although technically I won the bowling average in my final season at Under 14s. 4 balls - 6, 6, 4, catch at long on, game abandoned. Finished the season with a bowling average of 16.)
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