There are no apathets here

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Team Captain
Nov 15, 2020
AFL Club
Hi all,

I draw your attention to a critical issue plaguing this board. It is the source of many of the disagreements and bickering that has to be waded through when participating on this forum.

There are different categories of bigfooty poster.

Here are the ones I have noticed so far;

The pessimists/negative nellies - i.e., there is no hope for the club, the coach is screwed, everyone is a list-clogger
The optimists/deluded - it's all gravy baby, Hanranhan just needs some time in the gym, we are on the right path, x player just needs time.
The righteous/Look at me and how saintly my views are - I am the best supporter because i ride the bumps with a grin, i am never negative about the players or the club and those who are are heathens.
The realists/pragmatists - yeh x player might be alright, but most draft picks in the 50s don't pan out etc., we now get our whack at the bottom for years of success
The analysts - x play showed this about the game plan, this showed this [insert image]
The larrakin - see attached memes

There might be more so feel free to add.

The crux of this thread is to remember there are no apathets here (people who are apathetic or don't care). So remember our common interest because despite our differences we are all here to revel in the path to glory and ride the waves of misery that make that glory all the more sweet.

So it goes....

Chopflop - your resident realist with a sprinkle of larrakin

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Not open for further replies.

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