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Chugging Adrenochrome
Dec 1, 1999
Gates' Payroll
AFL Club

However, one can also argue that the groundwork was laid by changing structural factors in the geek-media ecosystem. The comics critic David Uzumeri wrote a fascinating Medium post Sunday night which argues that, as he puts it, “when existing power structures denigrate and question the integrity of a free and fair press, it opens a hole for an unfair press to seep in.” In his estimation, the so-called Big Two comics publishers, Marvel and DC, have been trending toward an adversarial relationship with sites and individuals who were critical of them. As a result, thoughtful critics left the game and the gap left behind was filled by increasingly low-rent sites. The bar for quality discourse dropped so low that even a slapdash hate campaign could start to look like the rest of what passed for mainstream comics criticism. The fire was fed when creators started getting into petty fights with readers on social media — most notably in the debacle that was Captain America writer Nick Spencer’s battle with his critics — and fan responses to things they didn’t like became ever more vicious.

Then, in April of 2017, while the Spencer fight was reaching a fever pitch, a Marvel executive named David Gabriel gave an interview in which he seemed to say the company’s push for greater diversity in its character lineup might have led to reduced sales (an argument that is much disputed). Enter Richard C. Meyer, an Army veteran and former PayPal employee who started railing against such diversity on Twitter and YouTube under the username “Diversity & Comics.” He began to gain a following, but it wasn’t until the milkshake incident that things really heated up.

Read more - the Milkshake incident is one hell of a ride! (Or the most inane thing any Alt-right doofus ever got triggered about. Ever.)

I didn't even know this was a thing - my regular comics buys are sitting unread in boxes for the last year or three as I play more games, my kids take up more time, and I can't get into a lot of stories as they often seem repetitive and boring.

Is there any sphere of enjoyment the RWNJs won't infest?

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