Those who where at the 97/98 Grand Finals?

Jun 18, 2018
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I was right up in the nose bleed section Punt Rd end in 98
Always felt we would win even at half time
After the game it felt like half the stadium was full of Crows fans
I ran down a few decks and held my scarf aloft which Brett James saw and acknowledged by holding his arms up too
Back at the old Giants? Basketball stadium celebrations were fantastic
Drove home next day with scarves flapping out of the windows and after we crossed the border everyone in the towns were out on the main strip cheering the convoy of cars home
We had conquered the holy grail
Great memories

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Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 22, 2007
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I was there in 98, I was 10 my whole family were members but my uncle worked for Ansett so he took one of his free flights to Melbourne on the monday and bought tickets for the whole family at the MCG.... which was awesome, however when we got there were surrounded my North Melbourne fans. There was this scary burley looking bloke in front of us, shaved head but a number 4 shaved into his head. Turned put to be a lovely man but 10 years old me was affraid at the time.
An amazing day, still the best day of my life, I proudly wore number 30 on my back and when Vardy kicked a goal in the last 1/4 I knew we were home. Driving back to Adelaide was sweet all the cows and sheep were painted Blue, Red and Yellow and as we crossed the boarder back into SA the Queen greatest hits cassette tape we had playing in the car just happened to play 'We are the Champions' and there were like 30 people on the boarder cheering every time a car crossed over with a crows scarf hanging out the window.
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