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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Rotayjay, May 9, 2018.

  1. Rotayjay

    Rotayjay Norm Smith Medallist

    Aug 14
    Adelaide, South Australia
    What ties do you like wearing? Do you prefer the trendy thin ones, medium or wide? Paisley, solid colours, stripes, little pictures or geometric patterns?

    Personally, I like a medium width because it never goes out of fashion and thin ties make me look like a teenage boy. They look silly in between my broad shoulders. I don't own any solid colour ties and most of them are striped (want to get some more patterned ones). I tend to go for shiny silk ones with bright colours.

    Ties are underrated in my opinion because they're pretty much the only way for us men to show our unique style when dressed up.

    Gents of Bigfooty, what's your tie style?

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