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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 20, 2007
AFL Club
Everyone knows we are a has been team that is hanging on, chasing past glory. Instead we need to close that chapter and invest in the future.

Sure, we might come close every now and again to replicating the way we played in 2017, but in reality the longer we hang on, the greater the talent development debt we accumulate.

Close this chapter by cutting away the cancer of 2017. Commit to a rebuild that invests in the young talent we have. Accept that we should be at the beginning of a multi-year process to return us to being premiership contenders. Use the Carlton pick wisely.


Club Legend
Aug 15, 2008
AFL Club
Sure it’s hard to imagine those guys being replaced, but they can and will be. Clubs like Geelong and Hawthorn do it, and they recover.

Just have to have the courage and trust to do it.
Good call but we need to get valve from some players unlike Hawthorn, every player has their value.

I think we should trade Keath for that reason. He has been outstanding but we have Doedee and Butts who can or will play that role in the future. Same as greenwood as Cey has him covered.
If we get good value we trade, if not we keep them.

For us to rebuild, it takes tough decisions. I hope we have the balls to do it

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