TIO (Marrara) Stadium Darwin. Anyone been?


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Feb 21, 2004
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St Kilda
Looking to head up for the Saints game v Gold Coast next season. Keen to sit in the stand rather than on the grassed area Is that possible? Does booking through AFL travel help? Or is it the domain of the home side (like the stand in Townsville was for the corresponding game this year)

Thanks for any help!

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Oct 9, 2002
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Western Bulldogs
To sit in the stand the last time I went required booking through the club, the time before that was basically paying the Darwin entertainment Centre a visit on match eve, but they date back to 2010/11 (before the Long Centre at the McMillans Rd end, or left of screen, was dreamt of let alone built) and being a club member helped big time. Last year a company called NTIX was handling the online ticketing component. If you're a club member I'm sure they can help arrange something for a fee.

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