TK'S LAB ( AKA the bore room )

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Enjoying my teams losses more than I should 😙
Oct 18, 2013
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Carolina Panthers. Zach Wilson.
Cancel culture is what it is. Bloke writes something which was perfectly acceptable at the time and then some malingerer comes along years later and paints it in a bad light.
Don't stop doing this to everyone except me.

I only read the Melksham part tbf first time :straining:


Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 3, 2010
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This one annoyed me on the weekend. Brayshaw fumbled resulting in a turn over so it might be harsh.

Rivers left his man Campbell I think to put pressure on the kangaroo players streaming forward. Hunt just standing there not doing much. Rivers needed to stay oh his man while Hunt should have been more urgent to put pressure on.

Both players ended up getting sucked in with no impact leaving Campbell to get an easy one out back who then passes it back to zurhar who blazed away.

Luckily he missed or didn't see the North player with a whole lotta space in front of him. Such an easy kick.

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