Toby Greene Hall of Fame article - Serious or Satire?

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The Fonz

Club Legend
Jul 6, 2004
Las Vegas
I've got no idea if this piece about Toby Greene by Jon Pierik in The Age is serious or taking the piss.

His match-winning abilities have him in line after 176 matches to eventually be inducted into the Hall of Fame but league sources have confirmed he has been bluntly reminded by club officials that he risks being overlooked for this in retirement - regardless of what he does for the rest of his career - unless he stops offending. Greene, 28, has acknowledged this.

Sure, Greene is a good player and no disrespect to him, but without a flags/Brownlow/Coleman to his name, I honestly can't think of a single reason why he'd be in the Hall of Fame.

He's a 2-time All Australian and won Giants' Best and Fairest in 2016.

Is Nathan Burke who was inducted this year a fair comparison? Burke played 323 games, was 3 x B&F Winner and 4 x All-Australian.

He was in St Kilda's Team of Century which Greene would be in for GWS.
Burke played 11 games for Victoria which doesn't apply now.
So are their stats given where Greene would be if he plays another 7 or so years, that dissimilar?

I'm really confused now and not sure what to think. :shrug:

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