Game Day Tokyo Paralympics 2020 / 1

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Mar 10, 2007
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South Dragons, Storm.
So, all said and done a success ? Covid distraction ?

Everyone's highlight ? Hard to go past Boomers.
Disappointment ? Probably Kookaburra's.

6th all up not a bad effort. Poms certainly pulled up their sporting socks over last few years.

See you all in Paris just before Jy holds up Cup no. 7 🏆
Jess Fox was my highlight. Just the absolute focus on her face and so glad she got the gold after missing out in the K1.

Disappointment would have to be the Opals. Won the one game and lost to Belgium. WTF!
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the flying ham

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Dec 12, 2006
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North Melbourne
Amazing. Love the olympics. There is no better reality tv than sport. Literally has everything - tension, laugher, joy, heartbreak, redemption.

Highlight for me from avid fan perspective was the Boomers and Harry Garside in the boxing.

For the love of competition it was the heats of Browning and Bol, and McDermott in the High Jump. Also thought Cedric Dubler pushing his apprentice for a medal was the best the olympics has to offer.

Love watching aussie gold in the swimming, but for the first time probably took more from seeing them have a crack and fall a bit short in the athletics and be humble and gracious in their defeats. Also Jess Fox heartbreak turn into triumph.

Now to my post olympic deep funk which will last for a few weeks i reckon.

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Hearts to hearts

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Mar 16, 2001
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The women’s relay with Cate Campbell just getting gold was my favourite, followed by Jess Fox. Enjoyed the Boomers game a lot but it would be recency bias to call it the best for me.

Some of the commentators have been great - Anna Meares such a great pick up - and it reminded me that Bruce in his natural habitat and away from the blokes is really something very (sorry) special. When he has gone and we get the drop in quality to Zempilas and D’Arcy and those clowns we’ll appreciate him even more.

The acurate one

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Jan 23, 2019
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The first olympics had a heap of Greek dudes oiled up and wrestling and sh*t then running of course. That today wouldn't raise an eyebrow and I agree with that.

Some do say the Greeks invented sex but it was the Egyptian males that introduced it to women.
Anywho considering all of that, some of these sports are not worthy of an Olympic medal. Geebus , horse riding , why not horse racing? Soccer? Maybe if it was combined with diving yes.
Table tennis good Lord, who decides which sports are worthy? Kayaking deary me , surfing just lol. And what the hell does men's coxless pairs even mean? Do they like do a physical to ensure they're "coxless".

Now I believe the host country can introduce a sport. I do use the term sport loosely, my point is we need to think of something that will bring home the gold.

I googled what we're good at and I can't see us winning gold for paying McDonalds workers well. Need some ideas for my submission peeps?


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Dec 15, 2020
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North Melbourne
My favourite moments apart from the swimming was watching Jess Fox in the Canoe Salom, watching Sam Kerr carry us and watching Sam Fricker in his first ever Olympics who I’ve been watching on tiktok endlessly prepare for the diving event. Also a mention to the road racing event!

disappointing moments was probably watching both hockey teams as I thought they’d do better.

I always love watching the Olympics because I’ve watched sports I’ve never watched before such as hockey, archery, etc. and the exposure of new sports will bring in more athletes, which I think is awesome.

These athletes are amazing as the determination they possess to keep training each and every day to compete.

Proud of team Aus ❤


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May 4, 2009
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I share the love equally, to all Gold Medallists first, Silver second, Bronze 3rd, Personal Bests 4th, Good efforts 5th, followed by amusing moments, unusual names such as Farken and Smellie, stuff i haven't seen before like the rock climbing, and funny outfits at the Opening ceremony.

Stuff i didn't like included horrible officiating, blatant cheating, lousy commentary, and way too many ad breaks.

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Sep 8, 2000
Canberra, ACT, Australia
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At the start of the Olympics I had three hopes;

1. Jess Fox wins a Gold. Got a little teary eyed watching that and her interview with her dad.

2. The Boomers win a medal. Would have preferred they made the main game but it wasn’t to be but to see them win the Bronze was just as good. Again teared up, probably more than Gazeif possible.

3. The Matildas win a medal. Didn’t happen but they got close and showed tremendous fight in a number of games, especially against GB where they looked finished with a couple of minutes to go.

Overall I enjoyed the games more than previous games and thought Tokyo did a good job, it’s a shame the people of Japan didn’t get to enjoy them as much as we did in 2000.


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Mar 4, 2001
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North Melbourne
I like my road cycling but really got into the Velodrome this weekend, those group races are brutal.

Like the tension in the field events like High Jump, Pole Valut and Javelin.

Watching smiling Hull in the 1500m was great then watched her interview sounding like she had just inhaled helium.

Soccer and basketball bored me a little, just not big on those sports but still has tension watching the aussies.

But haven’t got as crazy as with Jess Fox, that was wonderful

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