Tom Petty fans this is going to be an epic!


Sep 23, 2010
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Insider goes alright too, loved how they sung it on the 30th anniversary concert, is there any videos for Insider?
One of his best songs written too
They just sound so good together, there's a great version on Pack Up The Plantation as well (on which they also did Needles And Pins together):

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Dec 14, 2011
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Big fan, have all the Heartbreakers albums. Not a fan of Full Moon Fever for some reason; it starts out great with the first four but the rest is filler to me. Favourite albums would easily be the self-titled debut, Hard Promises and Mojo.

I'd love an Australian tour, but definitely not holding my breath.


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Oct 8, 2010
long ago in the museum with his friends
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American Dream Plan B can be heard on

Song starts with a distorted Petty vocal over a generic guitar riff, maybe a little monotonous to begin with but morphs into a winning chorus with yet another Pettyism lyric hook, then a nice acoustic bridge reminiscent of the Who then Mike Campbell does his best take on the You Really Got Me guitar solo to finish over some cool sounding harmony vocal lines.
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