News Tom Rockliff a Port player - OFFICIAL

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May 28, 2005
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Sep 9, 2010
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thats massive! motlop would be good, but this is huge!

sounds like Lobbe could be on his way out and trengove freeing up plenty of $$$
Plus a pick maybe for impey and archee

to spend on Rocky and maybe motlop
Huge win !

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Mar 1, 2014
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Brisbane free-agent midfielder Tom Rockliff is poised to sign with Port Adelaide rather than Lions or Carlton.
And the knock-on result of the Power securing the 27-year-old former Lions captain might be Carlton becoming more reluctant to trade out contracted midfielder Bryce Gibbs to Adelaide.
Port Adelaide football boss Chris Davies has confirmed on Wednesday morning free agent Rockliff wanted to be at Alberton in season 2018.
“I got it (confirmation) through Jason Cripps our list manager last night. It wasn’t too long after the news had broke that Tom had made Carlton aware,” Davis told AFL Trade Radio.

So the Rockliff deal to Port might stop Gibbs going to Adelaide..
I think we can live with that ....:D:p
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Oct 3, 2017
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Lion Rockliff nominates Alberton as his preferred home in 2018

This probably deserves its own thread now. Hopefully in a few days we'll officially be welcoming Rockliff to the club and basking in sh*t memes.
Then we'll get ALL the " He's sh*t , you can have him " comments !!!! BUT we can live with it as the Corporate Cow's board members walk out on them !!!! WE are Port Adelaide & THEY never will be !!!!

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