News Tom Rockliff a Port player - OFFICIAL


Oct 7, 2004
Adelaide, South Australia
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
The pig is back!!!

This is everything we hoped we would get when we traded him in.

He has been the general in the middle. He gets plenty of it but they arent just useless touches either! Sets up so much play and his disposals all hit targets. This is something we havent seen in our midfield for a very long time. Clearance machine

Also my supercoach team loves this!

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 21, 2007
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Aston Villa, San Antonio Spurs
And the tag
and the hard Tag from Setterfeild in the second half, had 25 to half time.
Rockliff has dealt with a tag before. The rain stopped Rockliff taking marks from short kicks and those little space creating 1-2s that make him so damaging. I maintain that he'd have gotten another 8-10 touches in dry conditions, regardless of the tag.

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Brownlow Medallist
Jul 17, 2010
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
So how many Brownlow votes already do you reckon? I would say at least 2 from each game.
Will probably have 2 or 1 from last week and another 2 or 1 from this, so 1-4 votes so far.

R1. Westhoff and Boak should be 3 and 2 votes
R2. Lycett, Boak and Ebert + Cripps will be most likely to take votes from rocky

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