Tonights game vs Bulldogs is the most important for 2024....questions will be answered.

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Oct 29, 2017
AFL Club
Questions that will be answered by the final siren...for mine

1) Will the afl finally start umpiring us fairly or are we condemned for another year or more given all the media on our plight during the week?

2) Will the playing group (and particularly our leaders) make a collective statement to the afl and stick it up em with a gritty and resilient win, or have our premiership stars lost interest?

3) Are key forwards Balta and Lefau the genuine starting 2 key forward options that we can rely upon and move forward with? Will we kick more than the usual 5 to 6 goals?

4) Will Cumberland take his chances and cement his spot in the side?

5) Will Prestia and Graham run out the game or injure themselves again, sealing Meehans fate and perhaps Prestia's career?

6) Will our 12 players under 50 games start to gel and demonstrate some collective list depth?

7) Who does Yze see (and play) as our second ruck, given we haven't selected one?

8) Will Yze finally let team play the corridor instead of being the team who most relies upon the wings?

9) Can we actually win and be 'coach killers', resulting in the sacking of Luke Beveridge?

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