Torrents and Image Leeching *Please Read*

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Mar 1, 2002
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Hi guys

Just wanted to bring up a couple of issues that have raised their head recently.

Firstly, links to torrents and requests for torrent site invites is not something we want to encourage on this board. Torrent threads will be deleted

Secondly, just a little heads-up on the problems of hotlinking/image leeching. If you want to post an image, please make sure it is hosted on either your own hosting or a free image host, rather than just linking directly to any image you find on the internet.

Posting an image in your post still uses the bandwidth of the site that hosts the image, and some site owners don't like their bandwith being chewed up by other sites - it's not uncommon for them to use anti-leeching scripts, which means that if the image is linked to on another site it is replaced by another image. If you're lucky they might redirect you to an image like this:

If you're unlucky, they might redirect you to goatse, or ******* or something equally distasteful. And chances are if your post contains a picture of that nature your chances of infraction are pretty high. (hint: use the preview button before posting your message)


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