Unsolved Toyah Cordingley

Feb 26, 2018
Family of Rajwinder Singh, suspect in Toyah Cordingley murder, believes he’s in Sikh temple
Peter Michael, The Courier-Mail
April 27, 2019 10:00pm

"Police have identified the father-of-three as a key person of interest in the unsolved murder on the tropical beach, 38km north of Cairns."

"Police and Australian Federal Police are liaising with Indian law enforcement agencies to help them locate the fugitive."

"His trail has gone cold,’’ brother-in-law Harpreet Singh said. “She (his wife) has not had one single word, nothing."

"Singh’s father, a member of a large Sikh community in far north Queensland, has spent six months in India trying to track his wanted son down, to get him to hand himself into authorities for questioning."

"Police have obtained evidence allegedly putting Singh — and his car with a bright pink personalised number plate with the letters Raj — at the scene at the time of the October 21 murder."

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