List Mgmt. Trade/Draft Callback: 2017 first round pick out for an extra 2016 pick

The Rubber Man

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May 1, 2018
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expected marshall and atley to have a bigger year than what they are having.
SPP is currently being dropped.
Drew is showing he is on the verge of being a first 22 player.

All four are on the fringe of the list at the moment. Still happy with it, although expected/hoped for a little bit more by at this point.

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Sep 27, 2005
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Port Adelaide
OUT: 2016 1st (#11 Oliver Florent), 2016 3rd (#48 Darcy Cameron), 2016 4th (#62 Matthew Signorello), 2017 1st (#12 Darcy Fogarty)

IN: 2016 1sts (#16 Todd Marshall, #18 Sam Powell-Pepper), 2016 3rds (#31 Joe Atley, #32 Willem Drew)

How are we feeling about this now?
I’m still thinking we got this wrong. Not in terms of trading for the picks but rather the players we drafted.
All four are playing sanfl this week.
That’s a bad sign.


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Aug 25, 2013
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Port Adelaide
The way Marshall is heading and talk that SPP is on the way out its looking pretty poor. Fogarty is the guy who was picked up with our 2017 pick (no loss) so we probably didn't miss out with that pick (T.Kelly was available but doubt he'd of taken him)

How we used those picks is looking poor, Will Hayward is one that really stands out, maybe Berry.

I certainly am not moving on SPP, it think he really has what it takes to become a really dynamic, match winning mid.

Marshall is starting to worry me, i think he definitely needs another preseason. Just because he is skinny doesn't mean he cant be the number 1 forward, he just wont be a Dixon type forward. J Cameron goes alright. Marshall just needs to play to his strengths, he has some real elite and rare attributes for a player of his height.


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Nov 6, 2016
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I would go with if I was Marshall and I had lost both my parents like he did I would of gone off the edge.

He will come good the lad is strong. He just needs time... he has gone through a incredible hard couple of years.

If I'm wrong.. well his happiness is more important then football anyways.

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