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Dead Eye Didak

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Feb 8, 2007
Point Cook
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At Moment I have just about lost Intreste this Season.

Feel like I can't be stuff going to anymore AFL games

Players seem to care less and less. Makes me hard to care then as well
Chin up mate, we are still 2nd on the ladder and will play finals, not sure if it will be from a top 4 position. On current form you would say no, though hopefully we get some players back over the next month, and can play the footy we expect to see as members and supporters.
Definitely l agree the players care factor last night was embarrassing and a disgrace. Alot of players were soft last night, and didn't want to get a knock or tackled or bear a bump. Hopefully the embarrassment of that lingers all week, and they come out and easily account for the Hawks.

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